JAY FUSION CUSHION 16X18IN SEATING ROHO Dry Floatation Insert – Single Valve


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The JAY? Fusion? combines the skin protection of the J2 and the stability of the J3, creating an adjustable wheelchair pressure cushion designed for skin protection and enhanced stability. The JAY? Fusion?features JAY Flow? Fluid or ROHO DRY FLOATATION? air insert options to meet the differing needs of skin protection and comfort, combining with a contoured foam bose that is comfortable, stable and supportive. Designed with a Pelvic loading area based off the size of the whelchair cushion the JAY? Fusion? gives exceptional pelvic support for most users. The JAY? Fusion? is also equipped with a dual cover system to provide moisture resistance and anti-microbial protection. For a wheelchair cushion that combines the best of the support and comfort, the JAY? Fusion? is unparalleled.