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You can keep your Roho cushion or mattress at an ideal comfort level with this Roho inflation pump. It is compatible with all Roho cushions and as it is a dual action pump, the air is pumped into the cushion on both the up and down strokes.

Inflating your Roho cushion:
Place your cushion on a flat surface, with the air valve in front left corner.
Turn valve counter-clockwise to open.
Place the pump’s flexible rubber hose over the valve.
Inflate the cushion until it starts to arch upwards.
Remove the pump and turn the valve clockwise to close.
Place the individual to sit on the cushion in his/her normal sitting position. Make sure the Roho cushion is centered underneath.
Slide your hand between the cushion and the person’s bottom and feel for the sitting bones.
Now open the valve again and let out air while keeping your fingers under the person’s sitting bones.
Close the valve when you can feel with your fingers that there is about 1/2 inches of air between the person and the cushion.