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Diffuser Coccyx Cushion – Tailbone Seat Cushion in Australian Memory foam
Reduce pressure on your coccyx & tailbone through the forgiving properties of memory foam. Help alleviate tailbone pain with this quality seat cushion.

Provides pain relief for a bruised tailbone, coccyx pain or tail bone soreness.
Orthopedically designed to reduce pressure on the coccyx or tail bone.
Cut-out suspends coccyx, removing pressure from tail bone.
Reduce tailbone back pain with the coccyx diffuser
Ideal for wheelchairs and conventional seating.
Optimum pressure relief – diffuses the body’s load.

Coccyx cushion is made from visco memory foam with a special inner core of heavy density traditional foam.
The diffuser cushion is perfect for relieving pressure on a bruised tailbone & coccyx.

Diffuser Coccyx Cushion is a premium density visco memory foam therapeutic seat & chair cushion with a special inner core of heavy density traditional foam which ensures its strength and support are maintained under continual load.

The basic function of Diffuser Cushion is to diffuse and distribute pressure, while the cut-out suspends the coccyx, removing pressure from tailbone.

If you suffer from a bruised tailbone then this cushion will provide you pressure free relief to the coccyx area.

Diffuser Coccyx tailbone seat cushion:
Designed to treat and help alleviate Coccydynia (tailbone or coccyx pain).
Orthopedically designed to reduce pressure on the coccyx or tail bone.
Cut-out suspends coccyx cushion eliminating painful pressure on the tailbone.
Redure pressure on a bruised tailboneHelps relieve back pain by reducing the pressure on the spine and coccyx.
Provides pain relief for tailbone pain, coccyx pain or tailbone soreness.Use on a bruised tailbone or coccyx.
Temperature-sensitive visco memory foam in the coccyx cushion reacts to your body’s warmth and moulds to your shape ? providing customised comfort.
Unique inner core of high-density conventional foam protects cushion from ‘bottoming out’ under continual use.
Improves the comfort of any seating surface.
Absorbent & breathable surface dissipates moisture & heat.
Easily cleaned. Affordable, light-weight, compact and durable.
Visco memory foam with traditional foam sandwich – the best of both worlds. High quality support cushion

Size 44 cm x 42 cm x 7.5 cm
Inner 100% open cell ‘breathing’ urethane foam and visco-elastic Memory Foam.
Dura-fab Outer Cover Woven polyester. It is a super-soft easy-clean washable fabric.
Steri-Plus Outer Cover Moisture and bacteria-resistant polyurethane ply bonded to a knitted polyester backing.