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With the luxuious support and effect only provided by memory foam and an optimal suede outer this back support is the premier product in the quest for comfort.
Comprising of six magnets the product aims to provide basic support (it is the least rigid and least invasive back support in the therapeutic range). If you are looking for a more rigid support we would suggest some of the other products in the therapetic range including the traditional magnetic back support, the back huggar traditional or the total spinal support.
The theory behind magentic therapy is that the magnets should serve to stimulate the iron particles in the blood stream there by increasing circulation and should help to reduce many ailments associated with the lower back.
The memory foam magnetic back support should help with many and varied back conditions including those suffering lower back pain, arthritis and osteo arthritis, back strains, back pain from driving, limited movement and many other ailments.
If serious back pain or for post surgery management please consult your back surgeon, general practitioner or health professional for guidance as to the best product for you.
For more general info please contact us via phone or email and we will be able to help with all of your questions.
Go anywhere support that is both comfortable and effective.
Being a memory foam this back support will give comfort through its softness but is not a rigid back support so should be suitable use almost anywhere.

Product dimensions 36cm wide x 32cm high x 12cm deep (outside) x 8cm deep (middle)
Contents Inner luxurious visco elastic memory foam
Contents Outer Cover Suede-feel polyester that breathes to prevent sweating