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Extra plush comfortable lumbar support
The MemoGel Back Support lumbar comfort serves to reinforce the natural curvature of your spine. Combined with cooling gel, the lumbar support helps to keep you comfortable for longer periods of time.
Specifically designed to target lower back pain
The MemoGel Back Support is extremely comfortable. Not as rigid as many other back supports, the extra soft Memory Foam provides great support for your spine whilst maintaining a high level of comfort. Designed to slip behind the lower back, the MemoGel Back Support gives you the spinal support and comfort that you need.
Portable and Easy to Use
Like the rest of the range of Therapeutic back supports, the MemoGel Back Support is easy to transport to suit any situation. Coming in a handled carry bag, the MemoGel Back Support is suitable for planes, trains, cars and the office making any seat more comfortable and more supportive for your spine.
Cooling Effect utilising Thermal Conduction
The MemoGel Back Support is designed to draw heat from the lower back and into the back support, giving you a more comfortable feel whilst avoiding tension build up. The non-toxic silica based Cooling Gel absorbs and dissipates excess body heat to maintain a comfortable temperature whilst seated for lengthy periods of time.
Superior Pressure Relief
The Memory Foam structure of the back support moulds to the natural contour of the spine in order to ease pressure where needed. Combined with the Cooling Gel, the Memory Foam back support is incredibly comfortable and supportive providing constant pressure relief for your spine.
Easily Maintained
The Memory Foam back support is easy to maintain and keep clean with a washable removable cover. To keep your back support hygienic, simply un-zip the removable cover off the back support, wash and dry, and then place the support back inside the cover.

Width 34cm
Inner viscoelastic memory foam and silica Gel pad.
Height 31cm
Depth 10cm at widest edge, 7cm at centre of back.
Weight 200g
Outer Velvet feel polyester cover