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Multi-Purpose Cushion – Comfort seat pad for your chair
In extremely durable and comfortable Dimple-Foam ‘EggFoam’. The Comfort Cushion spreads the body’s load by providing less contact area and reduced pressure for greater comfort. Won’t ‘bottom out’! Ideal for anyone sitting for long periods. The surface convolution allows increased air circulation to dissipate heat and moisture.

Multi Purpose Cushion is a heavy grade, deep-pile convoluted ‘EggFoam’ egg-carton foam cushion giving therapeutic, pressure-free comfort which fits conventional chairs & seats, stadium seats and wheelchairs. Perfect to take with you as the EggFoam seat pad is light in weight for easy transport.

Supports, cushions and comforts. Ideal for anyone sitting for long periods in a chair or at a sporting event. The Multi-Purpose comfort cushion fits snugly on wheelchairs.

Designed to reduce pressure as well as provide an ideal supportive base for anyone confined to sitting for long periods of time on a seat or chair

Unique Dimple-Foam … the ‘peaks’ and ‘valleys’ of the ‘EggFoam’ enables the cushion to gently spread the body’s load over the surface of the chair pad. Its forgiving construction allows you to sink deeply into the foam – with less contact area, less pressure. Shearing forces are reduced by spreading the load.

The cushion’s convolutions also allow increased air circulation, dissipating heat and moisture throughout the entire chair pad.

Now in the safety standard flame retardant Dimple-Foam ‘EggFoam’. The Comfort Cushion is superior with Australian Made foam making it durable and long wearing. The heavy density construction means that it can be used by heavy-set people without ‘bottoming-out’ underneath the body’s load.

The cushion’s ‘open-cell’ composition allows the product to breathe, and the foam has been treated to make it allergy free, dust free and odourless.

The dynamic Multi-Purpose Comfort Cushion can be used in a range of settings

Perfect in the car to get you up a little higher
Great on your office chair to add support
Lightweight so you can take it to the football for stadium seating and enjoy a new level of comfort
Perfect for wheelchairs to add extra cushioning
Available in 2 cover options – Dura-Fab and Steri-Plus

Dura-Fab & Steri-Plus material cover options:
Most products in the Thera-med range offer cover options of the soft and durable fabric Dura-Fab, or moisture and bacteria-resistant Steri-Plus.

Dura-Fab is in attractive woven & washable polyester, while Steri-Plus has a special polyurethane ply (film) bonded to woven polyester fabric.