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The Preferred Choice for Australian Health Professionals
The all new Wellness Pillow is an Australian Innovation that utilise state of the art production process to produce a Hybrid Foam that has all the best qualities of Memory Foam and Traditional Foam to give you the premium comfort of Memory Foam and the optimum support of traditional foam.

This revolutionary foam is Designed and Made in Australia and is designed to encourage side sleeping while at the same time giving complete comfort when sleeping on your back also. The adjustable insert also allows for easily changing the height of the pillow to suit the vast majority of users.

Adjustable, Comfortable and Supportive – A pillow for Everyone.
The Theramed Wellness Pillow is the choice for those who want premium support and ultimate comfort. The pillow has a unique ribbed top to provide some “give” to the product and give your head and shoulder an extra layer of comfort.

At the base of the pillow there is a 1.5cm removeable insert that can be left as is for those of broader build who sleep predominantly on their side or can easily be removed for those with a smaller frame or who Contains removeable 1.5cm layer to lower height should you require.

The adjustable aspect of the pillow means it really is one size fits all – A pillow for everyone.

RMIT Research has shown that the HygroFlex material with which the Wellness Pillow is made provides more comfort and is more effective in reducing pressure sores than traditional foams.

The RMIT University recently conducted a study to determine the effectiveness of Hygroflex foam to redistribute pressure as compared to normal memory foams. They were interested in the properties of Hygroflex to help mitigate pressure sore development. Server tests were used against different foam types and the tests measured the duration of pressure, immersion, the pressure gradient, envelopment and shear and friction on the foam.

The research conclusions show that:
– Hygroflex helps to redistribute pressure better than other memory foams
– Hygroflex can diffuser body heat more rapidly than other memory foams
– Moving on Hygroflex requires less force and generates less friction.

For more information regarding this report please call 1800 021 304.

Revolutionary Hygro Flex Construction
Designed to give a combination of memory foam comfort and traditional foam support the Hygroflex composition represents the best of both worlds.

Utitilising World leading VPF (Variable Pressure Foaming) technology to bring you higher levels of comfort and resilliance, a product that produces no CFC’s or blowing agents and out performs every other Australian Made Foam – not to mention foams from O/S with limited regulations and controls.

A better pillow for you, your family and also the environment.