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The perfect pillow for sleepers who prefer a non-contour pillow
Whilst we highly advocate the use of all the pillows in our contour pillow range we do understand that a classic shape can in some cases be the preferred sleeping option. As such, we have put our premium plush Memory Foam combined with the optimum non-toxic silica based Cooling Gel pillow surface layer to create a classic shaped pillow to suit anyone desiring a flat non-contour pillow with the added bonus of temperature regulating Cooling Gel.

Visco Elastic Foam – 100% Premium Memory Foam
Loved for its soft yet supportive characteristics, Memory Foam has been the first choice of health professionals Australia wide for close to two decades. Now, with the advent of the Cooling Gel Memory Foam combination – the benefits that both materials have brought to the pillow are being endorsed more than ever. As a non contour pillow the MemoGel Classic Pillow is being seen as the new choice of many in the ever growing health and well-being field.

The benefits and comfort of the cool feel Cooling Gel
The cooling aspect of the non-toxic silica based Cooling Gel is very simple. Fundamentally, any liquid material is a better conductor of heat than any air filled surface such as foam, feathers, polyester and cottons. With the Cooling Gel, excess body heat is drawn out of the facial area and into the pillow where it is actively dissipated. During sleep the effect will become less as the pillow adjusts to the human body’s natural temperature, but for the most part the pillow will feel and be cooler giving a wonderful feel as you sleep.

Premium Memory Foam and the highest quality Cooling Gel surface
The highest quality materials go into making this pillow your choice in comfort feel. The MemoGel Classic is a long lasting pillow with a softer plush memory foam feel that delivers a wonderful nights sleep year after year.

2 Sleeping Options – One side Cooling Gel / One side Memory Foam
The MemoGel Classic Pillow is a dual-functioning pillow as it can be used with either the Cooling Gel or Memory Foam side up. While the Cooling Gel side is generally the preferred option, the other side of the pillow will give you a pure memory foam feel for instances where the Cooling Gel pillow feel or the cooling properties may not suit.