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Travel pillow available in two versions:
Deluxe Traditional foam travel pillow: Premium-grade traditional foam will give good support and superb comfort. Will suit those who use a traditional foam pillow rather than a memory foam when at home. Regarded by many health professionals world wide as the benchmark for achieving the ideal ‘marriage’ of comfort and good sleep posture in a travel product.
Visco elastic memory foam travel pillow: The memory version is best suited for use in hotels by those who are used to the characteristics of a memory pillow. It is important to note that being temperature sensitive the pillow will feel softer the warmer the temperature and firmer the cooler temperature. If being used in extreme heat the pillow may soften too much to give adequate support. If camping in cold temperatures pillow may feel too firm. Hence best used indoors.

Size 26 cm x 39 cm x 10 cm (high side), and tapers down to 6 cm
Height 10 cm (high side) and tapers down to 6 cm on the low side.
Weight 550 grams in memory foam or 250 grams in traditional foam.
Foam style 100% Australian made visco elastic memory foam or open cell traditional foam

Also available in Steri-Plus cover: Steri-Plus has aspecial polyurethane ply (film) bonded to woven polyester fabric and is moisture and bacteria-resistant.

We highly recomend the use of the Naturelle Pillow Protector
We highly recomend the use of the Naturelle Pillow Protector in a Small size for your Sleep away pillow. It will help protect you and your pillow from the various bed bugs, dustmites and allergies that may be found when travelling.
Sleep-Away Travel Pillow – For the Hotel, Bus, or Plane. Comfortable and hygienic travel pillow that’s also great for camping, hotels, general travel, planes and anywhere else the traveller requires.
No more too hard, too soft, too high unhygienic hotel pillows. Take your own! Single contour suits all body types. Poly/cotton removable cover for easy cleaning. Choice of 4 colours. Sleep comfortably while travelling or camping.
Features of the travel pillow
Easy-to-use: Light-weight and compact – ideal for overnight stays away from home.