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Mobility Aids Australia stock a range of Patient Slings. Patient Slings are designed for hospitals, aged care facilities and domestic homes, and ensures the comfort and safety of its users. Manual handling injuries are at a high rate, making it imperative to provide the right support for healthcare workers and carers. Browse through Mobility Aids Australia’s range of Patient Slings today.

Patient Slings from Mobility Aids Australia are of high quality and will support the body and head of its users. Patient Slings are ideal for people who have reduced head, body and core control.

We have a  wide selection of slings available, including; General Purpose slings, General Purpose with Head Support slings, General Purpose Hygiene slings with head support, Hygienic slings, Paediatric slings, Quick Fit slings, Hammock slings and Walking slings. Additional accessories including weighing scales can easily be attached.

Browse through out range of patient slings below. 

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